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Cameroon Water treatment Project

  • Project Cameroon Watertreatment Project
  • Customer Camwater
  • Value 60 million Euros
  • Period 2017-2019

Safe water supplies, hygienic sanitation, and good water management are fundamental to global health. This need will economically support investments to improve drinking water, sanitation, hygiene, and water resource management systems. In January 2017, Inrigo has been awarded the contract for a turnkey project in Cameroon to provide water supply improvements in terms of, quality and quantity to the inhabitants of Meyomessala, Melong, Bare, Kekem and Nkongsamba.

Ceramic Membrane Nkam

Per the contract, two water supply systems are engineered and constructed during 2017-2019;

- Meyomessala Water Supply System with a capacity of 2200 m3/d, supplying city of Meyomessala

- Melong and Nkongsamba Water Supply System with a capacity of 14940 m3/d, supplying cities of Melong, Kekem, Bare and Nkongsamba

The main treatment process is based on coagulation, flocculation, ceramic membrane filtration, and chlorine disinfection. However, to increase the capacity of the membrane filtration, a lamella clarifier system is applied as a sedimentation unit prior to membrane filtration due to relatively high suspended solids, turbidity, and organic matters in raw water.