• Project P185041 NOFIMA – upgrade of Hall 5
  • Customer NOFIMA, Sunndalsøra
  • Value 5,6 mill Norwegian kroner
  • Completion 2019

Ikke intro NofimaInrigo AS has been responsible for delivery of equipment and services within RIE (Electric installations, instrumentation, automation and SCADA System) and RIAKva – Process water treatment.

Inrigo AS have co-worked with ielektro AS and Preplast AS for completion of the two disciplines RIE and RIAKva. Others supplied RIB (upgrade of building and civil work) and RIV (Ventilation) for the complete upgrade of Hall 5 at NOFIMA Sunndalsøra. Hall 5 at NOFIMA is purely dealing with seawater fish and all process piping is in PE and cable trays for the electrical system is in composite. Focus on sustainable technical solutions in a seawater environment. Inrigo AS has also been responsible for installation of a highly specialized LED lighting system for marine life by BioLumen (first in Norway). The SCADA System monitors flow, O2, temperature, salinity and water level and controls flow of seawater (pressure controlled), temperature of seawater, O2 saturation in seawater, seawater temperature and light intensity for 73 individual test tanks for seawater fish in 5 different Test rooms. In addition temperature in all rooms of building are monitored and outdoor and indoor lighting controlled using Dali.


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