Aqua Nor 2019 offered the perfect opportunity for the BioLumen team to publicise their new distribution agreement with Inrigo AS, a leading Norwegian water treatment company.  It also allowed the teams from both companies to spend time together, promoting the BioLumen proposition, sharing ideas and knowledge and laying the foundations for what we expect will be a productive, long-term partnership!



The use of advanced lighting technology to improve outcomes is one of the most exciting areas of innovation in aquaculture right now, so the timing of the agreement with Inrigo AS could not be better.  Customers now have access to the unique BioLumen lighting proposition via a reputable local distributor who not only offers the full range of BioLumen products, but has the personnel and experience to provide a "turn-key" service, whether retrofitting to existing installations, or integrating with the environmental control systems of new installations.

Growing demand, coupled with increasing pressure to become cleaner and more efficient, is bringing new challenges to the aquaculture industry, prompting a re-examination of some of its traditional methods.  The resulting drive to innovate, and the shift towards RAS-based solutions, represents an exciting opportunity for our partnership with Inrigo AS, and we look forward to working with them to grow our businesses, while improving outcomes for our customers in this key market.




First installation utilizing BioLumen Technology within Aquaculture in Norway is NOFIMA