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Solutions & Services

Solutions & Services

  • Bardu Vannverk

    This autumn, Inrigo will build a new water treatment plant (machine and electrical) for Bardu Waterworks, located in Setermoen, Troms. We will, amongst other things, supply UV’s, pressure seals, pumps, pipes, valves, instruments, and the entirety of electrical components. Estimated start-up Sep./Oct. 2019. The contract value is approximately 3 million NOK.

  • Glitrevannverket

    Inrigo has received a turnkey contract (machine and electrical) order, for 8.3 million NOK, on behalf of Giltrevannverket IKS. We will supply and assemble pipes, pumps, valves, and more, for two pressure boosting systems and one elevated basin. Start-up is expected to take place in autumn 2019. It pays to put quality in the forefront!

  • Orkdal municipality

    Inrigo is in full swing assembling the turnkey contract for Steinshaugen GVA and VBA located in Orkanger. We will build a brand-new treatment-plant, in addition to upgrading three groundwater wells with new pumps and well-houses. Inrigo is responsible for groundwork, construction, machinery, pipes, electrical components, ventilation, and plumbing. This project will establish a new water supply for Orkdal municipality, and will, among other things, provide water to "Norsk Kylling" a new, local factory. The contract value is approximately 18.4 million NOK and is to be completed by March 2020.

  • Meløy Municipality

    Inrigo has been awarded a turnkey contract (foundation work, building, machine, electrical and automation), for 26.7 million NOK, on behalf of Meløy municipality to build a new water treatment plant in Glomfjord. We will supply complete water treatment facilities with two elevated basins. The work is already well underway, and completion is expected by 2020.

  • Dønna Municipality

    Inrigo was granted a turnkey contract (foundation work, building, machinery, electrical and automation) on behalf of Dønna municipality to build a new water treatment plant. We will supply a fully completed water treatment plant with one elevated basin for the contract value of 28.3 million NOK. The work has commenced and is expected to be complete within the first quarter of 2020.

We customise our products and apply module-based and scaleable systems in order to deliver the best solutions.

We are responsible for the whole implementation process, from project planning, design and construction, to procurement processes and production, as well as assembly of the chosen solution on site.

STH Engineering merges with Inrigo AS

STH Engineering merges with Inrigo AS

Having increased capacity and competence we will be able to improve the way we serve the water and wastewater market, both nationally and internationally.

Member of National Innovation Clusters

Member of National Innovation Clusters

The Smart Water Cluster’s collaborative concept, Smart Water Communities™ (SWC), focuses on systems for reduced use of clean water, water purification for different levels of use, reuse of purified water and recycling of energy from the purification process. The market for such reuse and recycling solutions is massive, and growing.

The NCE Aquatech Cluster has more than 100 partners and develops and delivers tech solutions to its members within the aqua farming industry. The goal is to deliver technology for sustainable growth in aquaculture food production around the world, and establish a global position for farming technology from Norway.



Inrigo AS has the competence, capacity and systems needed. We are eager to deliver
engineering, procurement, construction and installation, as well as onsite assembly.